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Brakes and Under Car

Dependable Brake Repair

For dependable and skilled brake service and under the car service, Orange County vehicle owners trust Main Auto Care, Inc. to provide quality brake pads, rotors, drums and more at affordable pricing. Since 1977, we have earned a flawless track record with our customers! Not only do we continue to earn the trust of new customers, but our current customers come back to us repeatedly for their maintenance and repair work.

Under Car and Brake Service in Orange, CA

The more you drive your vehicle, the more wear to the brakes and brake system. In your vehicle’s manual, it will tell you when you should have your brakes serviced. If you do not know, you can ask our service advisor when you should have your brakes checked out. The brake system is a crucial part of the operation of the vehicle. It is vital the brake system is functioning as it should to avoid loss of brakes.
When owning a vehicle and would like it to last a long time, then it will require routine maintenance! You can see the recommended routine maintenance schedule for your vehicle in your vehicle handbook, or you can just ask a service advisor at Main Auto Care, Inc. When you keep up with your brake pads, then you may help to avoid other issues with the brake system like the rotors going bad.  Not only will we inspect your vehicle’s brakes, but we will also inspect under the car, too. We will advise on what needs to be done and what may need to be done soon to help avoid your vehicle from breaking down.

Orange County Brake System Repairs & Under Car Repairs

  • Brake Systems

  • Brake System Diagnosis

  • Brake Pads & Shoe Replacement

  • Brake Rotors & Drum Machining

  • Disc Brake Repairs

  • Brake Pad and Shoe Replacement

  • Resurface Rotors

  • Caliper Replacement

  • Brake Hoses

  • Brake Fluid Flushes

  • ABS

  • Suspension, Shocks, and Struts

  • And more!

Our primary goal is to thoroughly inspect your vehicle to ensure it is running properly! Regardless of how old your vehicle, it will require regular maintenance service, including the brakes. Even with a brand-new vehicle with near low mileage, it is advisable to follow the routine maintenance schedule, which includes the brake system. Doing so, will help avoid future problems that can be avoided with routine maintenance and check-ups.
Main Auto Care, Inc. delivers quality automotive services you can always count on! When you take your vehicle into our service center, you can expect to have the absolute best service for your vehicle. Whether you need brakes, rotors, an oil change, a tune-up, or other maintenance services, you can put our trust into our experienced mechanics to handle your car. For more information or to schedule service, call (714) 639-9235!

$99.95 Brakes Special - (install brake pads only).