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Reliable Tire Repairs

For premium tire service in Orange, California, Main Auto Care, Inc. is most recognized for providing affordable premium tires and outstanding tire maintenance services for all makes and models of vehicles since 1977! We know the importance of having ASE Certified and qualified technicians assisting you with keeping your tires in good condition. Tires can be a costly investment and you can make them last longer with Main Auto Care, Inc. helping you stay on track with routine tire rotations, air pressure checks and tire balances. Once, you take your vehicle to Main Auto Care, Inc. for its routine maintenance service like tire maintenance, you will not want to go anywhere else!

Tire Maintenance Service and New Tire Sales in Orange, CA:

When you own a vehicle, you will have tire wear as you drive more miles. You cannot stop tire wear, but you can slow it down. Tires can be costly and you can help make your tires last longer by making sure you have regular tire rotations and tire inspections. When the tires are not rotated, you will notice more wear on either the back or the front tires depending if you have front-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive.
Your vehicle’s owner manual will probably let you know when you should rotate your tires, but you can also ask your service advisor at Main Auto Care, Inc. More than likely, it makes the most sense to rotate your tires or at least check tire pressure every oil change or every other oil change to help ensure your tires are in good condition so they can last longer. If you haven’t had your tires inspected, we can inspect them, check for wear, check the pressure and advise you when we think you should have your tires rotated or replaced.
Last thing you ever want to experience is an unexpected tire blow out or flat tire because you didn’t have your tires rotated or have Main Auto Care advising you about unusual wear and tear. It only takes a few minutes to inspect and rotate, so it makes sense to have it done next time you bring your vehicle in for maintenance or an oil change.

Quick Tire Services in Orange, CA – Popular Tire Brands We Carry!

  • Bridgestone

  • Yokohama

  • Michelin

  • Goodyear

  • Hankook

  • BF Goodrich

  • Pirelli

  • Dunlop

  • Cooper

  • Sumitomo

  • And more!

Dependable tire maintenance is what you can depend on when you bring your vehicle into the service center at Main Auto Care, Inc. in Orange! With our assistance, you will always keep your vehicle’s tires in good condition, so you will get the full life of the tires. Whether you need regular tire balancing, tire rotation or air pressure checks, trust our experienced mechanics to help you save money by helping your tires last longer. For questions or to set an appointment with Main Auto Care, Inc., just call (714) 639-9235!
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